The practice of analytic meditation "Cause and effect"

The practice of meditation is very useful for knowing your mind, not just for being more peaceful or aware.
Self-knowledge is essential for one's well-being.
Learning to meditate or deepen your practice is the purpose of this meeting which can be attended by people who are already familiar with meditation, but also for those who want to approach this discipline for the first time.

Ven. Ani Ciampa Tashi of Sangha Onlus, will hold a lesson on the practice of analytical meditation in collaboration with the Eta Beta Center of Ferrara, hosting the event.

In this meeting we will deal with the topic of the consequence of actions: Understanding how our mind remains trapped in unhappiness and then how to defuse the mechanism that we ourselves have created.
The event is dedicated both to those who already have experience of meditation, and to those approaching this practice for the first time.
It includes a short break of 15 minutes. It would be good for everyone to bring their own pillow, a light blanket and their own cup to taste the tea offered by the center.

Ani Ciampa Tashi is an Italian Buddhist nun of the Tibetan Mahayana tradition, lives in Italy and is part of the Sangha Onlus Association.
For many years he has been conducting retreats and meditation meetings throughout Italy, has taken part in two FPMT Masters Programs and has been volunteering at Livorno prisons since 2012 through the “Liberazione nella Prigione” association.
She has experience of more or less long personal retreats, including a one-year retreat, and since 2016 she has been managing meditation groups and holding monthly meetings in various Italian centers.

NB: For better management of the meetings, given the ministerial provisions regarding COVID-19, the “Greenpass” authorization and the use of the mask throughout the event are required for participation.

ℹ️ Info and reservations:
Ferrara - Centro Eta Beta 3479632564
Reservations are required.



Jan 15 2022


16:00 - 19:00


Eta Beta Center


Eta Beta Center

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