The release of the building permit for the Monastery Temple has been signed

With immense joy we can give you the most important update of recent years relating to the Monastery project. On Thursday 16 June 2022, the release of the building permit for the Monastery Temple was finally signed.

After 18 years of waiting and bureaucratic procedures (in 2004 we started negotiating with the municipality for the Monastery and in 2007 we delivered the first feasibility study) this signature actually allows us to start with the construction works.

The signature of the Technical Area Manager Dr. Daniela Galluzzi and the legal representative of the Sangha Onlus association Ven. Massimo Stordi was signed in the Council Chamber of the Municipality. 

Thanks to the sensitivity of this municipal administration led by the mayor Giamila Carli, of the Tuscany Region and the Province of Pisa, a long bureaucratic process is completed, which began in 2007 with the delivery of the first feasibility study. 

We share this important step, which in fact allows the Sangha Onlus to "lay the first stone" for the construction of a monastery on the rock, like the monasteries of Tibet, recovering the territory marked by the excavation of a previous quarry, in the immediate vicinity of the Lama Tsong Khapa Institute. 

Inspired by the vision of Geshe Ciampa Ghiatso, it will be the first monastery of the Tibetan tradition in Italy and the first monastery built from scratch. The architecture, designed by the architect. Gino Zavanella, will be sensitive to both ancient traditions and the landscape context and will follow a path of eco-sustainability, thus ensuring a low environmental impact, energy and resource savings.

A place where monks and nuns will be able to live in accordance with the discipline and ethics taught by Buddha Sakyamuni, to receive teachings, study, progress in practice and keep the Buddhist tradition alive.

Everyone will benefit from this place of meditation and prayer. In fact, the monastery will reserve some spaces for silence and spiritual advice, allowing people of different faiths to open up to dialogue and through the Park of contemplation, open to the Community, a concrete contribution will be made to peace and the preservation of the environment. 

As a monastic project of the Foundation for the Preservation of the Mahayana Tradition, founded by Lama Yeshe and Lama Zopa, it relies on the teaching and advice of His Holiness the XIV Dalai Lama of Tibet, Lama Zopa Rinpoche and the Abbot of the Monastery.