The monastery in Pomaia is a historical event, the first in Italy!

In recent days, a delegation of the Sangha Onlus, made up of Ven. Massimo Stordi and Olivier Rossi, met Lama Zopa Rinpoche in the Kopan Monastery in Kathmandu, Nepal. 

“The monastery in Pomaia is a historical event, the first in Italy”. With these words Rinpoche encouraged us to go ahead with the project, inviting us to ask the Dalai Lama himself for advice. 

The issues addressed during the interview with rinpoche

The issues addressed during the interview with Lama Zopa were the need for have an abbotin the first place to keep the monastic community united and establish common rules. Rinpoche confirmed that he will resume searches, which had been suspended following the pandemic situation. We then discussed the fundraising and the initial amount that will be needed, according to the estimates of our chief designer, arch. Gino Zavanella, and other forms of collections that can be activated in our country. 

Another no less important issue that we have dealt with concerned the blessing of the soil and the ritual to be performed in these circumstances. Rinpoche advised us to invite the monks of Kopan when the time comes.

Some time ago Rinpoche had indicated to us how it would be beneficial to place one statue of Ksitigarbha three meters behind the women's monastic area. In the meantime, through FPMT International, we have received an offer for a two-meter statue and Lama Zopa believes that the latter could be fine and replace the other.

the visit of Khandro-la

Finally we informed Rinpoche of the visit of Khandro-la on our hill last May and of the commitment that it took, during the next visit to Pomaia, to officiate a practice of Tara, consecrating a mandala acquired in recent years to protect the monastery in which it will be placed once built. 

We were extremely grateful to Rinpoche, our spiritual director and guide, of this meeting in which we were able to update him on the latest exceptional events, such as the permission to build the Monastery by the municipal administration, and his precious advice.