The symbolic door of the Monastery and the beginning of the greening works

We are pleased to inform you of further news of these days.

On the morning of January 17 (date chosen on astrological calculations by Mr. Hup Cheng, our Feng Shui expert, who came specially from Singapore for a comprehensive consultation of the monastery project), we monks and nuns of Sangha Onlus went up the hill to “open" the symbolic door of the Temple, of the same dimensions and in the precise position in which the real one will be built.

The construction of the monastery will also be an opportunity to give our contribution to the recovery of an area damaged by excavation, visible even from far away, and which currently constitutes an open wound of the entire territory.

A quarry scenario completely devoid of soil and with significant slopes, which, with the exception of a few junipers, has very sparse vegetation with a grayish color that testifies to the previous works.

In recent weeks, an initial hydroseeding intervention was thus carried out adapted to the difficulties (significant slope and scarcity of soil with bare rocks) but particularly suited to respecting the local herbaceous species.

The hydroseeding (pressure sprinkling of a mixture of water, seeds, glues, fertilizers and organic matter) mainly contained Clover and Alfalfa seeds deriving from the cultivated fields right in the Municipality of Santa Luce, for maximum respect for the local varieties of herbs .

After the technical intervention a naturalistic sowing was carried out with a dry mixture of the remaining seeds, enriched with the seeds of shrubs collected in the quarry, glue and cellulose.

We are confident that after the cold and the winter rains, as soon as the first warm spring days resume, the climate will help the seeds to germinate. A wish for Spring for the first naturalistic restoration works of the area where the Monastery will be built.

See you soon with new updates.
The monks and nuns of the Sangha Onlus Association


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