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Puje, Prayers and dedications

Every day the monastic sangha offers prayers for world peace, for the health of sick people, for deceased people and for the success of activities in harmony with the Dharma. We often include in these general dedications the specific requests we receive from you (by filling out the form at the bottom of the page).


A puja includes prayers, purification practices, offerings to Buddhas, mantras to recite, visualizations and dedications.

What is a Puja?
Everything that happens to us is the result of our previous actions. Non-virtuous actions create unhappiness and virtuous actions create happiness.

One way to increase our ability to experience happiness, to reap positive effects, and to purify obstacles in our life is also to pray to the different manifestations of enlightened beings. For this, one can ask the monastic Sangha for prayers and pujes, for our benefit or for the benefit of those dear to us.

By praying or meditating with sincere altruistic motivation, unfavorable circumstances that bring problems can be mitigated or removed. The more the practitioners are spiritually advanced and pure, the more effective are the prayers. Particularly important in this process is also the motivation of the person requesting the prayers, motivation which must be equally sincere and virtuous.
Its connection with the monks and nuns participating in the ceremony helps to remove obstacles and interference that can cause damage.

One can dedicate a puja to oneself, to loved ones and friends, for the success of one's work or business, for good health, or to help a person who is sick, but also for animals and the environment.

Pujas are also made for the dying, in order to help pacify their mind during the transition phase, as well as for the deceased, to bless and guide their mind to a higher state of rebirth and liberation.

We are happy to include your prayer requests in community practices and pujas.

The subject to be dedicated, person or animal, along with the purpose, will be read in front of the community during the ceremony, so that community members can dedicate their prayers.

In the event that the request is made for a deceased person or animal, the name will remain in the dedication list for 49 days (in the Tibetan tradition it is taught that the next rebirth will take place during this period).

If you want us to dedicate our Pujas and Prayers, you must fill out the form below indicating their names. (We remind you that dedications can also be requested for the benefit of animals or the environment).

Make a donation

Prayers are important but even more so and living according to the Dharma, this is the real solution to removing the problems.

After sending your prayer request, if you wish, you can make a donation to support the activities of the monks and nuns of Sangha Onlus and to dedicate merit to your loved ones.

Any offer will be made for prayers and pujas, will be destined for the construction of the Monastery.

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Thanks for your precious and loving support.


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