5 × 1000

your signature and our tax code 90037440501

To achieve together:

- A Buddhist monastery, totally eco-sustainable, where monks and nuns can continue to study and be of benefit.
- The Contemplation Park, paths will be created for the benefit of the monastic community, people, animals and the environment
- A Sanctuary/Refuge for animals
- And so on

- What is the 5 × 1000?

It is a portion of the personal income tax - IRPEF that you owe to the State and which the latter distributes to third sector entities registered in special lists that deal, for example, with activities of social interest, voluntary work, the environment , animal welfare, such as our Sangha ETS Foundation.

Over the years it has become an increasingly important form of livelihood for non-profit organizations. With this means you therefore have the concrete opportunity to give us help to build the Monastery and our activities.

How else can you help us? With small gestures.

Click on the photo, download the flyer and help us make the project known to your friends, relatives and acquaintances.
This way you will help make it real. Thank you so much! 

Download the PDF (Italian)