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We have a magnificent eco-sustainable architectural project. Everything else has yet to come true and we can do it together! 
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In the sutra The Foundation of Awareness it is said that the merits gained from having built a monastery, complete with lodgings and goods necessary for the Sangha, and from placing sacred objects inside it, will never be lost for ten billion aeons; moreover, one's virtues, gathered thanks to bodhichitta, will never be lost and will increase from life to life. Likewise, the merit of building a temple in which the guru and the sacred jewels reside - Buddha, Dharma and Sangha - will continually increase from life to life, while working, eating, sleeping or engaging in any action. You will create the merits to be reborn as a king who turns the wheel, deva or human, as numerous as there are atoms in the building. For those many aeons one will benefit from the results of this merit, obtaining temporal happiness, until the attainment of ultimate happiness and, of course, enlightenment.

Quote from Lama Zopa Rinpoche on the occasion of the donation for the construction of a new temple in the Deer Park Center in Wisconsin on July 28, 2004.

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