Donate The First Bricks To Build The Monastery

June 13, 2023, the anniversary of His Holiness the Dalai Lama's blessing of the Monastery grounds in 2014, is an extraordinary and very auspicious day for us monks and nuns of the Sangha Onlus, in which we finally started the first fundraiser for the construction of the Temple. 

A dream that begins to take shape. 19 years have passed since the beginning of this project and thanks to the enthusiastic effort of many Masters, donors, friends and professionals, on June 9th we communicated the start of the works to the Municipal administration.  

The first thoughts and heartfelt thanks go to our spiritual guide Lama Zopa Rinpoche, who just one month before leaving his body (April 13, 2023), once again gave us his words of encouragement, trust, appreciation and great support, with the video we share here. 

“In Italy we have land. This is historically the first Tibetan Monastery in Italy ... I want everyone to participate, that everyone's mind, happily, unites to build this Monastery ... in order to create merit, ok?
It's amazing, amazing. Wow, wow, wow! There are many mountains, so much space, amazing, beautiful Monastery… This will give the opportunity for so many people to go there one day to create causes to attain enlightenment.”

Lama Zopa Rinpoche 

In the last meeting with our abbot Khen Rinpoche, we talked about the launch of the fundraiser and he advised us to start using the symbolic concept of buying a brick.
By contributing everyone, each for their own possibilities, we can build a large building like the Temple from a small brick. 

🧱€ 100 gifts 1 brick
🧱€ 500 gifts 5 bricks
🧱€ 1000 gifts 10 bricks
🧱€ 5000 gifts 50 bricks
🧱€ 10.000 gifts 100 bricks
…and so on

We raised €1.040.000 thanks to the generosity of our donors and the contribution of the Italian Buddhist Union.
The goal we set ourselves for 2023 is to reach € 2.000.000 to cover the first phase of construction of the Monastery. 

Support us. You can do it like this too, click
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Participate part and unite with us!
With these first bricks, let us build together a place of prayer and meditation to contribute to peace in the World: the first Tibetan Buddhist Monastery in Italy, completely eco-sustainable and built from scratch, which will benefit all living beings. With our thanks and prayers, The monks and nuns of Sangha Onlus 
With our thanks and prayers,
The monks and nuns of Sangha Onlus