The Rule and the Vinaya in convents and monasteries in the times of artificial intelligence (AI)

Buddhism and Franciscanism in dialogue

Assisi, 6 October 2023 – 15 pm

We are pleased to announce that, on the occasion of the visit to Italy of our Abbot Gheshe Thubten Chonyi, we have organized, together with the Franciscan community of the Papal Basilica and Sacred Convent of St. Francis, an interreligious meeting in Assisi, on Friday 6 October at 15 pm, in person and online.

We will give life to a dialogue on topics related to faith and the great existential questions that contemporaneity imposes on us, with representatives of the Franciscan community, Fra Marco Moroni, OFMConv, Custodian of the Sacred Convent of San Francesco in Assisi, and for the Buddhist one with Khen Rinpoche Geshe Thubten Chonyi, abbot of Kopan Monastery (Nepal) and Lhungtok Choekhorling.

Speeches are expected from Ven. Massimo Stordi, President of the Sangha Onlus Association and Fra Silvestru Bejan, OFMConv, former general delegate for Ecumenism and Interreligious Dialogue. Moderated by Friar Giulio Cesareo, OFMConv, Director of the Communications Office of the Sacred Convent.

In 2023 the Franciscan family celebrates the eight hundredth anniversary of the official confirmation of the Rule of Saint Francis which together with the Vinaya, the monastic ethical discipline established by the Buddha more than 2500 years ago, continues to be a source of inspiration and path to perfection for many people on the path of spiritual life.

Extraordinarily alive and current, they contain the fundamental indications according to which religious communities order their lives, and are still able to forcefully communicate their message today.

The Regula bullata states that Franciscans are called to live in obedience, without anything of their own and in chastity, in a style of service and in harmony with creation. Common values ​​shared with the tradition of Buddhism.

So what are the most current values ​​that tradition can also make available to lay people in the times of artificial intelligence?

In the long history of humanity, during periods of cultural and social crisis, in convents, monasteries and abbeys, flames of light and hope have remained lit which have tenaciously illuminated and protected the path of progress and civilization. Not just places for preserving values ​​and traditions, but beacons for looking to the future.

What ethical and spiritual implications come into play in the interaction with new technologies, so that religious life can continue to flourish and communicate in its multifaceted richness even in virtual communities?

We are waiting for you, the monks and nuns of the Sangha Onlus Association.


When: Friday 6 October 2023 Time: 15pm
Where: Press Room, Sacred Convent of Assisi, Piazza San Francesco 2, Assisi (PG)
Live streaming available on the YouTube channel @SanFrancescoAssisi




Ott 06 2023




Press Room, Sacred Convent of Assisi, Piazza San Francesco 2, Assisi (PG)