Happy Chökor Düchen: First Turning of the Wheel of Dharma

Today is July 21, 2023 Chokor Duchen, one of the four main sacred days in the tradition of Tibetan Buddhism, in which we celebrate Buddha Shakyamuni's First Turning of the Dharma Wheel.

His first teaching on the Four Noble Truths was given in Sarnath in the deer park, to the five companions with whom he had spent a long period of ascetic life. 
The Buddha spoke to his disciples throughout the night and when it was morning they took Refuge in the Three Jewels: the Buddha, the Dharma and the Sangha, constituting the first community of practitioners.

On this day we are invited to engage in meritorious deeds such as making offerings of Light, reciting Mantras, Sutras and Prayers dedicating the merits to the benefit of every sentient and living being. 
Merit for virtuous deeds performed on this day is multiplied 100 million times!

World Sangha Day

FPMT International has decided to coincide Chökor Düchen with World Sangha Day.

A special day in which every lay person should dedicate at least one loving thought to the work of all the monks and nuns of the Buddhist tradition who work in the world.
The Sangha, the community of Buddhist monks and nuns, is the oldest monastic tradition dating back to the time of the Buddha, for over 2.500 years.
Today, as never before, it is important for all of us to do our best to support the practice.

As Lama Zopa Rinpoche said at the end of April 2021, in his teachings from Kopan:

Westerners who become monks and nuns are incredible heroes. The true heroes who defeat the afflictions from which all the past, present and future sufferings of other sentient beings come.
They are defeating afflictions by practicing pure morality!

Helping the Sangha to have a place like the Monastery as soon as possible means helping the preservation and dissemination of the precious Dharma and celebrating Buddha's enlightened activities in the best possible way.

With the wish that it will benefit everyone's happiness.
Best wishes,
the monks and nuns of the Sangha Onlus Association.

Help us on this special day, join us in building the Monastery.

DHARMA STORIES: The Monastery Podcast!

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