His Holiness the Dalai Lama's precious donation for the construction of the Monastery

It is with deep joy and emotion that we share the wonderful news that we have received a donation from His Holiness the Dalai Lama as a contribution to the construction of the Monastery. 

Following the Dharamsala meeting last May, His Holiness gave us a gift of a beautiful statue of Buddha Shakyamuni.

A few months after that meeting, we received another unexpected gift, a valuable donation that strengthens our confidence in our project and encourages us to continue fundraising.

We take this opportunity to renew our most sincere gratitude and appreciation for all donors, friends of the Monastery project and those who would like to join in the concrete realization of this place of peace, preservation of teachings and spiritual growth. 

We dedicate our prayers that His Holiness' life may continue for a long time to benefit all sentient beings, and we may never be separated from him in all our lives.

We share a passage concerning generosity from one of the two texts His Holiness recommended as an object of practice and meditation for our monastic community, so magnificently perfected and exemplified by His Holiness' enlightened activities.

“Generosity is the wish-fulfilling jewel by which the aspirations of sentient beings can be realized. It is the best weapon for cutting the knot of avarice. It is the altruistic conduct that strengthens self-confidence and undaunted courage [to help anyone achieve enlightenment]. It is the basis for which your good reputation will be proclaimed in the ten directions. Knowing this, the sages devoted themselves to the excellent path of giving their bodies, possessions and merit. I, the yogi, have practiced this way. If you also seek liberation, strive in the same way."”

Lama Tsongkhapa's "Songs of Experience.
The brief exposition of the stages of the path to enlightenment (Lam rim bsdus don)